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continental IQ : “Morocco in the lead”


It is further interesting that the highest rated African nation on the national IQ scales, namely Morocco..


Torism Cop in Rabat



New Sociological approach by garbage analysis

we can study any society by looking in its trash bin..


One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way


The Key To Japan’s Success

No Hitchhiking



These two signs are used in the United States to prohibit hitchhiking

The decline of Arabic Civilization



President Bush with Mongol horsemen. President Bush can as well learn a lot from the Mongols who were the only ones in History to have come nearest to destroy Islam.

Morocco and Korean dream

While Morocco tramples, Korea advances and in big steps!
A spectacular success!
crossed Destinies..
The broken Dream…

what it is necessary to keep: there is development only of will.


Adam and Eve have spoken Sumerian

Probably the first language known to humanity

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what i picked up in a berber town

Mamkatguit = how are you doing ?

Kchman = come in

Matskart = what are you doing ?

Dighz demnat = i went to demnat

did = here

Ougoug = River Delta